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EZ Trainers are:

  • Economical - save over $1,500.00 per year over disposables
  • Environmentally Friendly - will not sit in landfills
  • Washable - machine washable
  • Non - toxic - doesn't contain poison or toxins
  • Reusable - can be washed & used over again
  • Ready-to-use - simple, safe & ready to wear 

EZ Trainers (Set of 5)

$124.95 Regular Price
$119.95Sale Price
  • EZ Trainers are snappable, machine washable underwear made from absorbent, organic, hypoallergenic cotton fabric. It's natural color indicates that the fabric is unbleached. The unisex design of the EZ Trainers can be passed down to siblings; saving thousands of dollars. The environmentally friendly design protects little bottoms from rashes caused by toxic chemicals.