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Hello, my name is Jennifer and I have been a child care provider for over 20 years. After successfully potty training hundreds of toddlers, I have always felt there was a simpler, economical and safer way to train toddlers on how to go to the potty. Watching moms spend their valuable dollars potty training the modern way led to the invention of  EZ Trainers and EZ Pants.


This back-to-basics approach allows toddlers to feel when they are wet, making them want to use the potty more often. Not to mention, causing less skin irritation while at the same time saving our environment from loads of waste that takes years to decompose. EZ Trainers and EZ Pants are safe, simple and cost effective.

"Why didn't I think of this?  My child care provider asked me to try this new product, the Easy Pants, what a way to save money.  I think this is a clever idea, to have pants and waterproof undergarment all in one is very practical.  I tried it on my 2 1/2 year old, and he loves the idea of being a big boy and not having to wear diapers.  I hope this goes into production because in these economical times, it is a money saver."

- Kim M.

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